Travel Albums: Manhattan, NY Vacation Photos

For a decade or so, every year for Christmas I gave my dad a scrapbook of that cross country season’s shenanigans. When he retired from coaching, I worried that I’d have to find a new Christmas project, but realized I could do almost the same thing, just with our travels instead! I had to wait until March this year to give him his present since we had to postpone our annual trip until February, but I’ve always been the master of spreading out holidays.

Since I didn’t do any blogging for this trip (what do I have to say about Manhattan that I haven’t already said?) I opted to tell the story of our adventures almost exclusively through images with the occasional caption to denote our location. I also threw in some phone photos of food because, well, that is why we were there, after all.

Putting together this album was not only a fantastic practice in telling a three day photo story of everything we did and saw, but a great way to memorialize a really fun father-daughter trip.

Click play above for my video of the real-life album and scroll down to see each individual spread.