Policies & Practices

My goal is to make your photographic experience fun and stress-free. I've broken down my photo policies here, but if you have any more questions feel free to email me at adrian@adrianetheridgephotography.com.

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How do I book you?

Please fill out my contact form or email me directly for information regarding availability. All photo sessions require a deposit to secure a date and my photo services. All sessions also require a contract signed by both parties. You can pay in person via cash, check or credit card.

Do you have a contract?

Yes, I have detailed contracts for each shoot describing the services, products, and copyright information.

What is your reservation & cancellation policy?  

Consultations must be booked 36 hours or more in advance of consultation and must be canceled with 24 hours' or more notice. Cancellation of in-person meeting within 24 hours will incur a $50 cancellation fee. 

Photoshoots must be booked 3 or more days in advance to allow for proper planning. Cancellation of photoshoots requires 24 hours' or more notice. Cancellation of photoshoot within 24 hours will forfeit the $200 reservation deposit as your cancellation fee. 

How do I pay? 

I accept all major credit cards as well as cash or check for all photo sessions and weddings. You can also pay deposits and balances online here through PayPal.

When do I pay? 

Every session requires a deposit at the time of booking. For weddings, I take a 30% non-refundable down payment due upon signing our contract with the rest of the payment due by the day of the rehearsal. General portrait, sports, event, and advertising sessions take a $100-200 non-refundable deposit (depending on the services discussed) with the balance due on the date of the shoot. I am also happy to set up payment plans spread out over a set number of weeks or months; this would be specified in the contract.

Can we meet before the photo shoot or wedding?

Definitely! I love to meet with clients to better discuss details of their photo shoot or wedding so I can meet their photographic needs. If you're not in the Asheville area I do phone and Skype consults.

 How do we know when to schedule the shoot for? 

This will greatly depend on the season. I often prefer to shoot around "golden hour" - a little bit after sunrise and an hour or two before sunset. This will provide us with soft lighting that's beautiful, not too hot and won't make you squint. In a pinch, I don't at all mind photographing in the afternoon if that's what your schedule necessitates, I will just need to do additional location scouting. 

Will you help us select outfits for our shoot? 

Yes, I can give you pointers on selecting outfits that will coordinate with each other as well as photograph nicely. I also work with a stylist - Emmaleigh Argonauta of Just Bloom Together - who offers styling services from choosing outfits from your closets to personal shopping, all based on our photo goals and your personality. 

Do you offer hair and makeup? 

Yes, for an additional fee I will book a hair and makeup artist for you and arrange with them to meet us either in your home or on-location. 

Yes! I believe that the best way to enjoy a photo is in your hands, or on a wall. After each session, we will have a viewing appointment for us to look through your photos, pick out favorites, and choose which products you would like printed. Each collection comes with a beautifully-bound photo album printed on fine art pages. You will receive a USB drive containing the high resolution images in the album. You will also receive an online proofing gallery from which you can purchase additional photos and products as well as download all images to share on social media (these are web-sized files so will not print properly.) 

Do I receive the digital images? 


Do I get copyright of the images from our session?

I retain copyright of the images I've created. However, we share a joint license so that you can print your photos for your own personal use and I can use them for my portfolio and advertising. Please, when posting on social media, give Adrian Etheridge Photography photo credit and tag my Adrian Etheridge Photography profiles.

When can I see my photos?

I personally edit each of the best photos from our session. For a general photo session, your finished collection will be online in your proofing gallery within two weeks for your viewing and print purchase. For a wedding, you will receive a highlights gallery to share within one week, and your full proofing gallery within six weeks for your viewing and print purchase.

How do I choose my prints and products?

I prefer to do in-person sales sessions so that we can meet and choose your photos together. This is the easiest way to choose which images will go in your album as we can take all the time we need to narrow down favorites. I will have your slideshow set up on my studio TV, we'll eat muffins, choose your favorites, and have a lot of fun! I will then order your prints, create your album, and send everything to you custom-packaged.

If you live out of town and simply cannot make a sales appointment (primarily for wedding photography), with every photo package you get a personal private online gallery on my client access page. Each photo in the collection has many print size and product options. Simply create an account through my website by clicking "select" in the top right. Then, click select again and select your images by clicking the check mark in the bottom left of each. Once you've selected your images, click "save to favorites" in the top left of the page and I will be able to see them. To select images as part of a collection (wherein you have multiple galleries), simply follow the above steps within each of your galleries and they will all save to one favorites set. You can also share one set with favorite images for your album and one for your prints (please denote sizes.)

What if my family wants to purchase photos from my wedding or portrait session? 

You may share the password to your gallery with whomever you choose. From there they can also order as many prints or products as they would like (they will ship straight to them), or simply buy the image downloads.

When do I receive my photo products from you? 

For any portrait session, I will have the images processed within two weeks to share with you. Once you have selected the images for your album, I will send you the proof within one week. Once approved, you will received your album and USB of images the following week. Prints and other products also arrive within two weeks of purchase.

For any wedding, I will have the images processed within six weeks to share with you. Once you have selected the images for your album, I will send you the proof within one week. Once approved, you will received your album and USB of images the following week. Prints and other products also arrive within two weeks of purchase. Specialty products such as gallery walls require up to three weeks for customization and packaging. 

Will you blog about my wedding or portrait session? 

Yes! I will post a preview blog for wedding photos within one week so that you can share your happy day with friends and family. I will post a much more detailed one within 6 months. For portrait sessions, I will post a blog about our session together within two months. 

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Wedding Specific

Can we exchange our engagement shoot for extra wedding coverage? 

The engagement shoot is like a trial run for your wedding day. It's where I get to know you best; learn what poses and situations you're most comfortable in, find your favorite angles and experiment with how best to show off your personality. This way, we're very comfortable with each other on your wedding day so I can really make magic! For this reason, the engagement session is included in every package totally complimentary and is not available for exchange. 

How many hours of photography do we need for our wedding? 

Each wedding is different, so too is each wedding timeline. I typically suggest 8-10 hours as this allows me to cover the getting ready process, all portraits, the ceremony and festivities, through the end of the reception. But I am happy to photograph for as long as you'd like!  

What do we need for detail photos?

Anything and everything possible! All rings & jewelry, the invitation suite, gown, veil, shoes, suit & tie, and reception decor are the most common. Notes to your soon-to-be-spouse, memorabilia from your proposal and any other knick-knacks unique to you are beautiful additions to your wedding album. 

 Should we do a first look?

I would never push you to do one if you really don't want to, but I'm very partial to them! In short: they allow you and your partner to share a private moment before the excitement begins, which means you can often be more openly emotional than you might be in front of an audience. It also allows for much more time for portraits beforehand so that we can knock out many of your couple's photos, all bridal party portraits and even immediate family photos while your hair is still perfectly intact and you're not sweaty. This also gives you lots more time after the ceremony to mingle with guests! I cover my love of first looks more in-depth in my wedding guide

Do you travel? 

Absolutely! I'm open to traveling anywhere and everywhere for your destination wedding, elopement, epic engagement session or to meet you in your hometown to capture your wedding. I have no travel fees within 2 hours' driving distance of Asheville. Outside that, I require payment of travel expenses.

Will you help us with our timeline? 

Definitely. If you have a wedding planner, I would love to attend the meeting when you discuss your timeline so that we can make sure to allow plenty of time for photos, and plenty of light. If you are not working with a planner, I like to meet about a month or so before your big day to make sure we have a solid timeline in place for you to plan with all your vendors. 

When can we see our photos?

I will share a small preview on social media the day of your wedding. I will then share a highlights gallery and vendor blog within a week, both of which you can share with family and friends. I will have your full gallery to you within 6 weeks of your big day.