As both of my parents are teachers, I grew up with a healthy admiration for the profession. Though my career took me in a different direction, I still ardently believe in the importance of art education, particularly in a time when school curricula are dropping it. As an avid film photographer, I believe in the continuation of analog practices for photographers to get a true understanding and appreciation for the art. 

In teaching alternate process photography classes, my goal is to give my students an artistic outlet as well as help them discover their own creative voices. By instilling in them the curiosity of pursuing the science in art and the art in science, I want to help them find creative ways to tell their own stories as well as the stories of others. Art is imperative in our historical narrative and teaching it insures that this next generation continues the tradition of art for social justice as well as for documentation. 

I currently teach: 

  • Weekly after school program with In Real Life (IRL) at Asheville Middle School
  • Yearly summer program at Asheville Art Museum
  • Yearly week-long program through TAPAS (Teaching Artists Presenting in Asheville Schools) 

My goal is to have my own studio & teaching space where I can lead private photography classes for children and adults alike (especially for families learning together!)


These classes include: 

  • Building & using pinhole (shoebox) cameras
  • Basic use of black & white photography chemicals in the darkroom
  • Cyanotypes
  • Lumen Prints
  • Hand tinting
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