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Photo Album || Dee + Sam's Botanical Gardens Anniversary Session

The 5th anniversary gift is typically wood, so we spent Dee and Sam’s anniversary accordingly - hanging out in the woods! Dee and Sam had already planned a weekend getaway to Asheville. So, to help celebrate their beautiful milestone, Dee’s sister arranged a couple’s photoshoot with me so that they could commemorate their weekend. As we were in the middle of June, we chose the Botanical Gardens of Asheville as our backdrop to make use of the bounty of greenery highlighted by a brilliant sunny evening.

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Botanical Gardens Engagement Session

To me, the best part about being a photographer is getting to know my subjects through the lens; learning their quirks, seeing how they interact with others and with me, and capturing a side of them they wouldn't normally show to the camera. When Autumn called me last month inquiring about my engagement sessions, I was thrilled because she heard about my photography through her brother whose wedding I'm photographing next month. This means that not only do I get to photograph both siblings getting to know the family that much better, but I get to photograph Autumn and Kenneth in multiple settings (their e-session and her brother's wedding) capturing even more important memories for them. 

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