Photo Album || Dee + Sam's Botanical Gardens Anniversary Session

The 5th anniversary gift is typically wood, so we spent Dee and Sam’s anniversary accordingly - hanging out in the woods! Dee and Sam had already planned a weekend getaway to Asheville. So, to help celebrate their beautiful milestone, Dee’s sister arranged a couple’s photoshoot with me so that they could commemorate their weekend. As we were in the middle of June, we chose the Botanical Gardens of Asheville as our backdrop to make use of the bounty of greenery highlighted by a brilliant sunny evening.

If we’re sticking with the very loose interpretation of “wooden” gifts, I suppose a printed album made from trees also sort of counts? For their album, we wanted to keep it simple, to let the photos speak for themselves of how much Dee and Sam love and adore each other.

I’ll admit that I’m a bit light on words this evening, so I’m going to let the completed album video above and album pages below speak for themselves. Suffice it to say that this is a beautiful way to celebrate an anniversary, not only to add the next book in the series of your love story epic (my wedding clients can work with me to coordinate their engagement, wedding and anniversary albums!) but primarily because you get to block out time to spend solely loving on your partner.