Black Mountain Wedding || Alexis and James's October Wedding at The Settings

Alexis + James wedding blog 2 26.jpg

It was, at first, proving difficult to write this blog post, to extract these memories, so many months after Alexis and James's wedding. But that's why we have wedding photography, right?! As I looked through their images, selecting which ones I thought best showcased the day, there were a few key things that stuck out to me. 

The first: family. James presented Alexis's parents with a wooden duck at the beginning of their wedding ceremony, a Korean custom symbolizing the importance of their commitment as mandarin ducks mate for life. I love that they integrated this tradition into their ceremony, as an homage to his heritage and a way to make their otherwise non-traditional ceremony their own. Their families also played a huge part in bringing together all the unique elements of their big day. Not only did Alexis's parents in partnership with James create all of the beautiful bottle art (hooray for recycling!) but Alexis's mom even sewed her dress! Not to mention, Alexis's niece made all of the delicious owl cupcakes, which were quite a hoot. As much as the wedding was about Alexis and James committing their lives to each other, it was also a display of the couple's wholehearted love for their families and vice versa. 

Bottle art (windchimes, cheese boards, water bottles)- Gaye and Len Baker (Parents of Bride) and James Quattlebaum (Groom)

Cake and Cupcakes: Hey Hey Cupcake

Chocolate Owl Cupcakes: Cammy Holt (Niece of Bride)

Dinner Catering: Jen Mohr

Dress: Gaye Baker (Mother of Bride)

Flower, Centerpieces, and Signs: Jeannie Rebecca Paint + Fiber

Groom's Suit: Men's Wearhouse

Hair and Makeup for bride: Priscilla Nesbitt

Hat: Rubina Millinery

Musicians: Friddle and Dyer

Necklace and Earrings: heirlooms from maternal and paternal grandmothers (respectively)

Officiant: Murphy Funkhouser Capps

Rings: Averie Art & Jewelry

Puzzle Guestbook: Havoly Designs

Shoes: Kohl's

Venue: The Settings of Black Mountain Club House

Speaking of all of the custom decor, I especially loved each little owl touch! I sometimes refer to my couples as "lovebirds" in their blog posts, so perhaps I will call these two "love-owls"? Either way, the creatures provided an adorable touch to the artsy and rustic decor. As they live in Virginia, these two understand the allure of the outdoors, and all of their decor spoke to quiet, natural beauty of their wedding venue in Black Mountain. 

While I typically think of "detail photos" as those showcasing the bride's gown and accessories, the flowers, the rings and any heirlooms they may have, it was these little decor details that struck me as the most personality-filled. As such, they graced quite a few pages of their wedding album so that Alexis and James could remember just how much thought and hard work they and their families put into making their day special.