Asheville Engagement Session || Arlyn + Alex's Arboretum Engagement

Arlyn + Alex 1.jpg

This is a bit unconventional because I always share a couple's engagement blog post on the day of their wedding, but because of my schedule this week I just wasn't able to. Nonetheless, to do this beautiful couple justice, I'm going to share their photos now, better late than never. 

We met for their shoot on a beautiful evening in June, the Arboretum was vibrantly alive with greenery. I knew they had planned a casual outfit and a dressier option, but when I saw Arlyn dressed in the most perfectly twirlable blue dress, the color standing out perfectly against the foliage, I knew we were going to make some magic! As you can see, we made use of that twirl. These two are fabulous dancers with incredible chemistry, let me tell you. 

Though I knew a little about their story through their engagement questionnaire, I got to hear much more as we photographed. These two have spent almost half their lives together! They met at the movie theater when they were 15, while hanging out with mutual friends, and that evening Arlyn went home and stalked his MySpace (yeah, they've been together THAT long!), eventually making the first move to talk to him. As they've grown together, they told me that what they wanted to remember about this engagement season was how much they love each other and that they are each other's best friend. 

I'm a sucker for proposal stories and this one really shows off Alex's romantic side. On a study break they went to Wilmington to "visit a friend." One evening, he and said friend snuck out to set up two beach chairs, a table with a cake and champagne all surrounded by a heart made of candles. When she came over to see her surprise, he got down on one knee with a beautiful ring displayed inside of a seashell. Alex said what he loves most about Arlyn is that she's caring (and smart & beautiful) but his kindness (what Arlyn loves most) and thoughtfulness definitely shone through. 

Aside from being romantic, kind and thoughtful, these two were definitely also fun! They couldn't remain serious for long, ending up in giggles after each twirl or dip or soul-searching gaze. These had such an ease together, too, a natural chemistry that comes with being happiest around the person you love most. I loved spending this quiet evening getting to know the two of them before their whirlwind of a wedding day, capturing their unbridled love for each other. I'm even more excited to share photos from their wedding this week, too!