Film Photography || Original Prints For Sale

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When I picked up my now 10-year-old 35mm film camera last year, I didn't really know how this was going to affect my work. At first, I just shot a few rolls around town to enjoy being outside while photographing something other than portraits. But then, I brought my camera and 6 rolls of film with me on my family trip to Ireland and realized that the missing piece in my work, what I'd been trying to put together for all these years, was this travel photography in film. Although I've always been in love with travel photography, analog travel photography is a completely different beast. Especially since my camera of choice no longer has a functioning light meter or shot counter or spool winder. I've had to [gotten to] learn the technical in's and out's of my craft which has also really benefited my commercial work while growing me as an artist. Through documenting my travels in various cities and countries I've gotten the chance to hone my craft by experimenting with light, photographing random strangers (and working up the nerve to do so!), playing with prisms, and ultimately learning how to capture the beauty of everyday life. 

Through these, I'm not only able to photograph the beautiful places I've been lucky enough to visit so that I can remember my adventures later on, but I can also share small visual stories from other parts of the world. The artistic integrity of analog photography means I have to think critically about each image;  choose which film to use in order to best capture the colors, decide how to frame each scene to tell my story of that place (while only getting one shot). The beauty is that I have a hand in each part of the process because now that I've added color chemicals to my darkroom kit, I can develop and print every bit of what I shoot! I'm so excited to get to share the way I see the world while simultaneously creating art. 

All of this to say that I'm working on building my travel catalog so that both original prints and digital image copies can be available for purchase on my website. I have my film store available here and will be adding to it periodically as I travel. For those who have been following my photography for any length of time, you know how much I love getting to create printed works, the best (and only) way to enjoy photographs in my opinion. You also know just how much I love traveling and telling stories of my travels. Now that I've finally figured out how to put these loves together, I'm so excited to share this next journey with you!