Savannah and Kevin's Fields of Blackberry Cove Wedding

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Savannah and Kevin may not have had the most conventional wedding - they're not the most conventional couple - and I think that's awesome! During the planning process, I try to make sure my couples are planning the wedding that they want, the one they'll enjoy in both moment and memory and that suits their personalities. Savannah and Kevin's did just that. 

Though to this point in November the weather had still been fairly warm, November 13 (the big day) dawned bright and brisk and remained so for the duration of the day. This would've actually been a welcome change had the poor bride not gotten sick in the days leading up to the wedding with a bad cold and her simple halter dress (one of those unconventional but perfectly "her" touches) certainly didn't help! Luckily, she had the love of her life to keep her warm, and her mom's scarf to the rescue. 

These two opted to do a first look in order to quell their nerves and enjoy a few quiet moments together before dashing headlong into the full day's festivities and the quiet field behind the reception barn proved the perfect spot. In the moment Savannah covered her groom's eyes, we all took a collective nervous breath but as soon as Kevin turned around to see his bride, all tension immediately melted away and we got some gorgeous giddy portraits. That's the power of the first look! Since it was so chilly, we only did a few photos in the field before they took shelter in the heated barn, which luckily had the perfect little peekaboo window for portraits. 

Once their first round of couple's portraits were done, we gathered the whole gang together for group pictures. You wouldn't know it, but this was actually right in the middle of the wildfire scare and while we could smell the smoke, the mountain views remained unobstructed from Fields of Blackberry Cove. In fact, the whole scene was lovely, with the bold colors of the bridesmaids corresponding with the fall color, the mountains and deep blue sky creating a lovely background, and the soft sunlight falling perfectly on their happy faces. As I become more and more comfortable shooting sans light gear in harsh light I'm able to read the light better and this helped create one of my favorite bridal shots to date. 

While there are countless areas for personalization in a wedding, the most obvious one is the vows and this couple's were equal parts tear-jerklingly sweet and heartfelt, and entirely indicative of their relationship. Not only did they promise to stay together through thick and thin, but to lead each other willingly through life as partners, forever seeking a Christ-centered relationship. It is easy to see that they will do whatever they can to make good on that promise. 

Since we'd done all of the bridal party portraits beforehand, we had plenty of time to do family and extended family shots afterwards, lighted by the lovely icicle lights. Per my suggestion, Savannah and Kevin planted themselves in the middle of the path and simply let family and friends swarm around them for hugs, congratulations and photos. Then, in need of a bit of a breather, I stole them away for another quick romantic portraits session in the colorful fall leaves so they could enjoy their new status in peace. 

An Olive-Garden catered dinner and dancing followed with divine Well-Bred brownies the party-enhancer of choice. In the spirit of fall, they had also set up a s'mores station complete with roast-them-yourself marshmallows and boy did everyone enjoy those! I may have had one or five...

In putting together their wedding album, I've enjoyed getting to relive their day, from capturing the beautiful moment Savannah almost lost it while delivering her vows to the stunned excitement when her grandmother showed off her moves on the dance floor to the simple quiet photos of the new husband and wife looking into each others' eyes. Stay tuned to see their wedding album later this week!

Accessories: H&M

Catering: Olive Garden

Ceremony Music: Jordan Cribbs & Darnell Bailey

Dessert: Well-Bred Bakery

Dress: Forever 21

Flowers: Black Mountain Floral Center

Rings: Rito Originals (bride's), Avant-Garde Jewelry (groom's)

Servers/Wait Staff/Greeters: Suggestions Event Planning and Staffing

Venue: Fields of Blackberry Cove