Savannah and Kevin || Wedding Album

I love getting to watch my clients open their wedding albums for the first time. I don't always get to - sometimes I have to ship them or my couples want to go through them by themselves to quietly savor the moment. But when I do get to be there, the reactions are priceless! And Savannah and Kevin were no different. They were blown away by just how big the 12 x 12 inch heirloom album is, especially the breathtaking their beautiful images look as full page spreads. 

When putting together this album, my focus was to show the sweetness and romance of their day - romance both in the couple's obvious affection and in the quintessential crisp and colorful fall day. Because they did a first look, we not only got to dedicate a few gorgeous spreads to this intimate moment, but we had even more time to take group portraits which filled quite a bit of the first half of their album. From there, once the candid action began, my goal was to show the flow of emotions of their day: from nervous excitement (first look)  to overwhelming happiness (the vows!) to contentment (the second round of couples portraits) ending in celebratory enthusiasm. 

I love pairing text with photos in these albums to tell my couples' complete stories and Savannah and Kevin went above and beyond writing each other poems to commemorate the beginning of their lifetime adventure. I mean, really, how much more personalized can you get? We also included their vows over the images of each of them proclaiming their love to each other so they can forever remember what they looked like in the exact moment they committed their lives to each other.