The Rogers || Couple's Session in a Pumpkin Patch

Ashleigh Blog-11.jpg

I've said it before and I'll say it again: a man who gives his wife a photo shoot and album for her birthday is a man who knows what he's doing! I met Ashleigh at Kudzu Brands so I had actually photographed her before, but it was fun to do so in a more relaxed setting. 

We started out at their home, grabbing a few shots with their puppy in front of their gorgeous teal front door and then caravaned a couple miles down the street to a little farm off the side of the road. Ashleigh knew exactly what she wanted in these photos so had scoped out all of the locations herself and boy did she do a great job! I always try to compliment my subjects' clothes with the backgrounds so that the image works and this rustic red barn complete with some sort of produce grown in the field directly behind proved to nicely correspond to the couple's earth tone outfits. 

As opposed to an engagement session when couples are excited for the upcoming wedding and maybe still a little nervous in front of the camera, Ashleigh and her husband were seasoned pros - smiling, posing and laughing so much that probably half of my photos are just them laughing because they were so enjoying their time together! 

Just beside the barn was a quiet lane lined with vibrant-leafed trees. Ashleigh wanted a couple individual images as they hadn't had professional photos made in a few years and the soft overcast light coupled with the autumn leaves made the perfect recipe for those updated portraits. 

My favorite part of the shoot was definitely the finale in the pumpkin patch! I love the romantic idea of a couple playing around in a pumpkin patch and these two were certainly open to being silly and having fun together to create these authentically happy images. At the end of our couple's session, they wrapped themselves in a blanket (even though it was definitely not cold!) and snuggled up together. 

In the middle of shooting a lot of weddings and engagements, this low-key couple's shoot in a gorgeous fall setting was perfect! Check out their photo album here