The Rogers || Couple's Photo Album

As one of my favorite shoots of the fall, I've been meaning to sharing this album for a while, but wedding season certainly kept me busy. Now that I've got some time, here's a look at The Rogers' album from their couple's session around Waynesville. 

Because we had plenty of pages to fill, I wanted to make a lot of full-page spreads of only one or two images to best-display their photos. These full-page spreads are always my favorite so it was nice to have plenty of room for them! 

Ashleigh also wanted to incorporate a bit of text to correspond with the sweetness of the album and as I was putting everything together, it seemed like she'd picked out quotations that were made specifically to fit with the images they're paired with. 

Finally, Ashleigh wanted a custom image cover so we went with the canvas to showcase the artfulness of the album. The solid feel of that canvas cover is just heaven for a tactile person! 

Now this sweet couple can display their images on their coffee table until it's time to update them, then we can do it all again!

Check out their blog post to read more about their shoot.