Mountaintop Graduation Shoot

Megan Blog Post.jpg

There are some people you will drive two and a half hours to photograph and Megan is one of them! We had been talking about taking her senior photos since last year and I'm so excited that it came to be. The overcast morning proved a beautiful backdrop for our summit setting adding the perfect color contrast to her vibrant dress. As I had never been to this location before (it wasn't a thing back in my day - now I'm sounding old), I got there a few minutes early to scout some possible posing areas. All I knew about the place was that it was a field at the top of a plateau with the potential for a decent view. This sounded like it could be cool, or that it could be a total flop and we would quickly run out of real estate. 

Boy was I wrong! Not only did we have a stunning mountain backdrop with a colorful field, whimsically blue light posts, and an empty street, but Megan totally werked it in front of the lens so that I barely had to give her any direction and we just chatted about college instead. To cap it off, we took photos on her truck because when you drive a truck like that, you have to take some senior photos with it. All in all, definitely worth the drive!