Nature Inspired Fall Wedding at the NC Arboretum

Fall Wedding Asheville WM-96.jpg

Wedding season is upon us again! In celebration, I wanted to share one of my favorite weddings from last year - Cara and Matt's beautiful September wedding at the North Carolina Arboretum

I first met these two lovebirds 2 years previously while photographing Matt's sister Kari's wedding. It was an absolute pleasure to shoot another wedding for the family, especially since I already knew so many people there! But even if I hadn't, it wouldn't have mattered; Cara and Matt and friends and family warmly welcomed me, keeping me in side stitches laughing at their antics when I wasn't tearing up from the tender sweetness of the couple's love for each other. 

The two incorporated many personalizations into their day, from the decor to the accessories to the vows. As a nature lover, Cara not only set the backdrop for their nuptials in the beautiful gardens of the arboretum, but also opted for digital invitations and biodegradable programs. Each bridesmaid got whimsical birds nest rings to match the birdcage of wedding wishes. In favor of candy, Cara and Matt chose flower seedlings for guest gifts. Matching birdcages adorned the gazebo under which the lovebirds proclaimed their vows to each other. We even happened upon an origami bird in the garden where we were taking photos! 

Cara and friends are also bibliophiles and her lovely book club presented her with a veil ornamented with sweet book quotations about love, life and happiness. We flipped through them at the rehearsal and Cara's eyes welled with tears when she read this snippet from Winnie the Pooh: 

"Piglet: How do you spell love?

Pooh: You don't spell it, you feel it."

And at their wedding, Cara and Matt's love for each other was so radiatingly tangible we almost could feel it. Of all the customizations, the vows were my favorite. The two, of course, promised to love each other until death do them part, but they also promised to love each other through hockey season and cat integration as they each brought furbabies into the marriage. 

As the sun set in marvelous fashion, we stole away to take some couples portraits, giving the two a moment to themselves to laugh, kiss, and savor the beginning of their new life together. 

The beautiful crisp fall evening under the stars wound down with delicious dinner, desserts and dancing as everyone celebrated these lovebirds' sweet union.