November 24, 2018 Intimate Wedding at Clarklewis || Portland, OR

Jeannie _ Rebekah 1.jpg

A couple weeks ago I got to live out one of my many dreams; I got to photography a wedding in Portland. The milestone was exciting, but it was my experience at the wedding that really reminded me why I began photographing weddings in the first place. Every single piece of this celebration - from the seating assignments using a photo of one or both of the brides with the assignee to the many [happy] tearful toasts to the chorus of every single guest singing the final ceremony song - was personal. The atmosphere of the entire day was one of thoughtfulness, of peace, of brilliant happiness (both for the couple and from them.)

65 (I think!) people were invited, and however many were invited, that many came. Half of them even came early and in sweats to help decorate the reception and ceremony spaces. I think that’s a testament to how truly special Jeannie and Anne are, and how much they’re loved.

I’ll go into much more detail about their day and how I captured it in their next blog post, once I’ve completed their wedding gallery. But suffice it to say that their ceremony was a reminder that the most beautiful weddings are the ones which are heartfelt and sincere. Because that theirs definitely was.

Bollywood Dancing: Prashant Kakad

Ceremony Musician: Edie Carey

Photographer: Adrian Etheridge Photography

Venue: Clarklewis