Engagement Photo Album || Tara + Q's Zillicoah Beer Company + Beaver Lake Engagement Session

I’ll share more of their sweet love story closer to the wedding, but I wanted to give a sneak peek at Tara and Q’s engagement session by showing off their gorgeous album!

Hair: Moira at ananda hair studio
Makeup: Tracie Potillo
Styling: Just Bloom Together

They loved so many of the photos that rather than try to narrow it down further, we decided to include near-duplicates (or at least photos in very similar poses/moments) which made for an interesting design challenge combining quite a few photos into one spread. I love the cinematic quality to their album because of this - as if each photo sequence is its own storyboard for a scene in their romantic flick.

I also love how vividly colorful their session was! Thanks to Emmaleigh’s expert styling and some luck with the weather, both of our locations and both of their outfits accent their vibrant personalities. While this certainly comes through in the digital images, their colorful photos really shine in print, where the matte press paper pulls out the richness and saturation of each hue.

Tara and Q wanted their album design to be simple, but wanted to include a few literature quotations (plus one from When Harry Met Sally.) I typically like to add text over other very dark or white negative space, but with the fairly business backgrounds I had to get a little creative with the placing. By far my favorite text spread is that with the two beer glasses where I used the text to create a triangular composition to highlight Tara’s engagement ring.

I delivered their album to them this weekend, so I’m excited to finally share this addition of their love story!