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Interestingly enough, while I've spent the most time out of any destination in Portland, Oregon I've shot the least amount of film there. This is probably because I'm always there to do portrait sessions, which I still shoot in digital. Nonetheless, each day as I'm walking to my meetings or shoots, I always have my Vivitar locked and loaded. Along the way, I've created some images I'm quite happy with, a very basic beginning in capturing the flavor of the city. 

Though I would ordinarily post my images in chronological order, because these span 2 separate trips (last September and this past March) my eye for street photography has much improved. For this post, the images are in reverse order showing off the ones I'm happiest with, those that tell the best story. 

For these last two (of my three Portland trips) when I'd returned to shooting film, I was still shy of photographing strangers, so I focused on the architecture. I love the natural yet industrial feel of the city, so I often documented both the juxtaposition and the intertwining of man and nature. It's funny typing that now because I don't think I fully realized at the time that that's what I was doing - I see the pattern now -  I just subconsciously looked for instances where plants and people collided.

I also had the pleasure of capturing an afternoon outing with my family where my cousins each took turns being the stars of the show. While I love the versatility and reliability of digital photography, making these portraits on film adds a timeless nature to these incredibly vibrant personalities. 

When I return in November, my aim is to capture more street portraiture, documenting the actual character of the city by capturing its diversity. For now, here are some of my favorite 35mm film photos from Portland which are all for sale as original developed-by-me prints and digital copies. Check them out here

Arista Premium 400 March 2018

AGFA Vista 400 March 2018

AGFA Vista 400 September 2017