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I would be remiss in sharing my travel adventures if I didn't share my film photos, too. Especially because they're often my favorite travel images. I only started shooting 35mm while abroad for my trip to Ireland in December, although I did try on both my Paris and Scotland/Iceland trips in 2016 (but my film camera was in my suitcase that never made it for either trip!) When I brought some 7 or so rolls of film with me to Ireland, I was still a bit of a timid shooter because I didn't want to waste any film, so I wasn't quite sure I'd run through all of it. But, once I started clicking, I couldn't stop. 

The light in Dublin lent itself perfectly to film work as the never-direct sunlight created a constant moody atmosphere. The colors, too - whether in the architectural heart of the city or the vibrant natural landscape outside - were already dreamlike, so the muted tones of the film only enhanced the dreamy feel. As I was still shy in capturing portraits (after months of intensive practice, this has finally changed!) my goal was to document the activities of our vacation, the city life in a country new to me and the beautiful locations we visited; both to savor my own memories and to share my experience via my printed work. 

Below are some of my favorite 35mm images from the trip shot on both my Vivitar v3800n and a borrowed Olympus XA rangefinder. They're broken down by which film I shot and as far as I can tell are in chronological order. 

Most exciting of all (at least to me!) I can finally say that these images are for sale. Though I'm still having to outsource my printing to another lab for the moment, construction of my darkroom is well underway so I'll be able to handprint all original images very, very soon. If you're interested in which images are for sale and would like to decorate your own home with some Ireland goodness, here's my gallery!

Portra 800 on Vivitar v3800n in Dublin and Killiney

Fujifilm Superia 400 on Olympus XA Rangefinder in Dublin

Arista Premium 400 on Vivitar v3800n in Dublin and Howth

Ilford HP5+ on Olympus XA Rangefinder in Howth

Lomography 800 on Vivitar v3800n in Howth and Dublin

Ilford HP5+ on Olympus XA Rangefinder in Killiney

Lomography 800 on Vivitar v3800n in Killiney

Ektar 100 on Vivitar v3800n in Killiney

Ilford HP5+ on Olympus XA Rangefinder in Dublin