Allie + Eric's Arboretum Elopement

Allie + Eric elopement 40.jpg

Y'all know I love weddings, but I adore the romance of a couple so in love, they only want to focus on their commitment to each other. Allie and Eric were two such sweethearts! They made things legal at the courthouse that morning, then got all dressed up and met me at the North Carolina Arboretum for vows and portraits.

We started our elopement session off with a first look in the field behind the fountain, where the vivid fall foliage was completely overshadowed by Eric's grin upon seeing his bride in all her finery. In their questionnaire, they said that what they wanted to remember most in that moment was "That we have the brightest future ahead of us that will only get better now that we are one." So when photographing them, my goal was to foreshadow that bright future by capturing their pure joy at being together. They certainly made that job easy! Allie and Eric were all laughs and smiles, in turns looking at the other like they were the only two people in the world, and being goofy as any best friends would. 

Finally, after we'd toured the gardens and danced in the gazebo, we set off in search of the perfect spot for them to make their vows. Allie had been worried that she'd cry away her makeup during the vows so sagely decided to do portraits first. Yet another reason I love first looks!

Though she didn't cry, we definitely all teared up as the just-married couple vowed to love and support each other for the rest of their lives, as only the birds and the squirrels (and we two photographers) looked on. Though I don't remember their vows, what they love most about the other person perfectly sums them up: 

Allie: I love that Eric is the most kind-hearted and generous person I have ever met.
Eric: I love that Allie is kind and caring to all people no matter what.

Getting to capture their sweet and intimate day was a pleasure and creating their elopement photo album was just as fun! Can't wait to share their album video!