Ashli + Dustin || Wedding Album

I mentioned in Ashli and Dustin's wedding day blog post that I loved working with them because they were so down to earth, well this translated into the creation of their beautiful heirloom photo album, too. They went my personal favorite route and chose just enough photos to tell their full story, but few enough that their album displayed more than a few full-spread images spanning a breathtaking 24 inches wide. 

Their wedding day was filled with vivid color, especially from their portraits in front of the manor. These matte press pages don't absorb and desaturate the color like some papers I've seen, rather they retain the integrity of the initial coloring so that Ashli and Dustin's day can just vibrantly out of the pages for years to come! 

Finally, they chose the most iconic image from the wedding to grace their hard-covered album, a perfect way to showcase their classic fairytale day. I had so much fun putting together this family heirloom and am excited that these two will get to enjoy and relive their day even decades down the road.