Portland: The Rest


While I try to stay pretty on top of my blogging and social media, there is certainly something to be said for putting away the technology (except my camera, obviously!) and enjoying the moments, so that's what I did for the rest of my Portland trip. Though I arrive back in Asheville a couple days ago and am now headed to Columbia, SC to shoot the first round of the women's NCAA tournament, I had too much fun in Portland not to share. 

Saturday morning - race day - dawned cold and rainy, not entirely what I wanted but also not a surprise. However, by the time we found the course, it was absolutely down pouring! Luckily, I thrive in poor race conditions so once I'd warmed up, it was rather enjoyable and I ended up winning the women's division of the 10k and placing 3rd overall. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. 

Once I'd finally thawed back out, my aunt, the girls and I took the MAX downtown to meet my dad and brother to binge some VooDoo doughnuts. I took part enthusiastically, scarfing down three delicious confections one after the other: a Butterfinger cake doughnut; a "Mango Tango" with mango jelly filling inside and mango icing on top; and an "Old, Dirty Bastard" (pictured above) with chocolate, peanut butter and Oreos. Because this was obviously not enough calories, after we wandered through the Saturday Market I also enjoyed a beef shawarma from a food cart in the market. Satiated for the moment, I meandered through the market checking out the wares which included, of course, lots of gorgeous pottery and landscape photography as well as some more unique stands like that of a fork artist making anything from hats to clocks out of utensils. I was one tine away from buying a clock until I realized it was $60. Y'all don't pay me enough for that yet. 

After walking down the waterfront for a bit, we took the train back to Beaverton and went to the coolest grocery store I've ever seen to pick up dinner. The thing had a second level as well as an entire section dedicated to freshly cooked foods and desserts! I got a meat pie, kale salad, multiple desserts and a pineapple cider (don't knock it till you try it) and thoroughly enjoyed the meal while we watch Home, a cute little movie about aliens. 

Sunday was my big shooting day with a family session by the lake and playground as well as an engagement session downtown. I started the day by sleeping late - which, since I was now acclimated to the time difference, was an easy feat - and then went on a short run before joining the family for a yoga class. If you know me, you'd know that I can't touch my toes on the best of days so I knew the class would be interesting, particularly as it was taught by an 80 pound Chinese lady who used to run marathons for Nike and has a penchant for calling people out who aren't doing the full poses - but I turned out to be better than I'd realized. This was a pleasant surprise, let me tell you!

Afterwards, I headed to the park to meet my first clients of the day for our shoot. I've said this already, but it was a bit of a miracle that the weather, while unfriendly for a good bit of my trip, showed off warm and sunny for all of my shoots. We had a fabulous session chasing the ducks and geese, playing on the playground and searching for what I call fairy light (that warm sunshine that filters through thick trees) in the forrest. 

I quickly rushed off downtown to pick up a gorgeous bouquet from Floral Sunshine before catching the bus to Powell's City of Books to meet my engagement shoot clients. This shoot was just as, if not more, fun! We found some gorgeous light in the photography section of the book store, naturally, and then walked around the store looking for other whimsical spots to highlight the couple. Afterwards, we drove over to the waterfront at the East Bank Esplanade perfectly at golden hour. I don't want to give too much away about either shoot since I'll be blogging about them later, but they were some of the best pictures of taken in a long time! 

Naturally, the rain returned in full force for my last day but as I covered almost everything I wanted to throughout the week, I didn't worry about it. After a lazy morning, I caught the bus over to Revolucion again, this time enjoying a sausage and potato empanada and the same drink (a champurrado) but this time with peanut butter in it. I can still remember the taste and I'll be dreaming of that drink until whenever I can get back again. The only thing I had left on my list was scouting Cathedral Park under the St. John's bridge. This was really a dream location for me with the gorgeous architecture (yes, it's only the underside of a bridge but it really does mimic the same arches of a cathedral), whimsical light posts, and walking trail through the trees. When I return, I will definitely try to get a shoot here! It took about two hours to take the bus back but I listened to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (for probably the 15th time) to pass the time and all too soon I was back. Just in time to pick the girls up from school! We spent the afternoon bowling, or attempting to bowl, and the evening wrestling and spending the last of our time playing together.