The Hecks Home Session

Heck Family-12.jpg

One of my very favorite subjects to photograph is love and what epitomizes love better than two parents with their 10 day old newborn? A few months ago two of my good friends brought their beautiful daughter into the world and instantly fell in love with this sweet bundle of joy. Because we all know that kids grow up entirely too fast, Parker and Kendal wanted to capture this first part of their journey so that when Abby takes her first steps or goes to her first class or has her first child of her own (Parker and Kendal - don't read that part, it's years away, don't worry!), they can look back and remember this quiet (or not so quiet?) time with her. 

While I think stylized newborn photos are adorable, I'm more of a lifestyle photographer so we chose to do the session in their home to capture more of what life as new parents looked like for them - note the photo of both of them "asleep" on the couch. Abby also has the most adorably decorated nursery (props to Kendal!) which perfectly matched the family's outfits, an impressive feat for any parents let alone new ones. 

For such a young baby you don't often see much emotion, but this sweetheart seemed to be quite the shutterbug as she would often turn towards the camera when she heard the click and even gave us a couple smiles! I didn't want to over-pose anyone so we primarily had them holding their daughter, nestled against each other, either looking at Abby or each other, smiling about their precious gift or teasing each other and being goofy. 

This was my first newborn session and I have to say that I absolutely loved it. How special to be able to look back and see not only what Abby looked like at a few days old but what her nursery and her parents looked like during this time as well. Check back tomorrow to see their photo album!