Katy + Mark's Downtown Asheville Engagement

K+M Engagement-69.jpg

Before I meet a couple for their engagement shoot, I send a questionnaire so that I can get to know them better and prepare for their shoot accordingly. One of the questions is "what style images are you looking for?" to which my favorite answers are "fun and whimsical" and "romantic" as they most closely fit my style. As luck would have it, when Katy and Mark sent me their quesionnaire, they had selected both! 

These two [current] New Yorkers traded the hustle and bustle of the big city for a quieter Asheville wedding with perhaps a bit more of a scenic view. For their December destination engagement photos, we choose downtown and the Botanical Gardens  to match their "outdoorsy" location desire. To match their personality style, we selected the Double Decker bus to emulate a whimsical coffee date, a quiet romantic walk through downtown with their puppy, Layla, and the river and cabin in the Botans for a few fun photos. 

In my photos, I tend especially to capture laughter as I think it best encapsulates the happiest moments in life, particularly when engaged couples are looking happily into each others' eyes while giggling at their inside jokes. Katy and Mark (and I!) laughed almost the entire session proving that they are indeed quite fun. But its their passionate sides that they love about each other most, as they noted in their questionnaire. For Katy, she loves Mark's "passion in all things, from lawyering to Utah Jazz basketball and everything in between." Mark notes that he most loves that Katy is the "most compassionate and confident person [I] have ever met. Nothing she does is done without first thinking about how it can affect others." While on the surface they were giggly and goofy together, their deep respect and adoration for each other was evident in their every movement. 

Tomorrow, after months and months of planning, they finally get to make their lifelong vows to each other in front of friends and family - and at one of my favorite venues no less! I can't wait to capture their smiles, their laughter, and it sounds like their fabulous party, too. Stay tuned for wedding photos!