Janel + Corey's River Arts District Engagement

Janel + Corey-123.jpg

The locations people choose for the backdrops to their photo shoots are often very telling of their personalities and if this idea actually holds merit, then Janel and Corey's most prominent trait is vibrancy! We scheduled our engagement shoot one summer morning to avoid the terrible heat (didn't quite happen) and take advantage of the softer light while still capturing beautifully saturated images in the River Arts District. And I'm fairly sure the in the entire hour and a half that these two were in front of the lens, they were either smiling and laughing at each other or giggling at something I said or asked them to do. I've always said that my favorite subject to photograph is laughter and these two lovebirds filled my cards with grinning images. 

Janel and Corey's free spiritedness infectiously bubble over to make those around them happy as well, showing that vibrancy is indeed a great description of the couple. They chose to describe themselves just a bit differently, picking the word "legitness" to describe themselves as a couple. But if "legit" means complementing and supporting each other through all the changes that 20-somethings endure, then its an apt description for the two. 

My favorite question on every questionnaire is "What do you love most about your partner?" It's such a basic question but really shows what each individual values most in the relationship and why each couple works so well. For these two, thoughtfulness and sacrifice win out as Janel gushes of Corey that he "works hard and always puts [her] first. [She's] never been with anyone so thoughtful." As for Corey, its that Janel "sacrifices a lot of her jobs or desires to live certain places to be with [him] and allow [him] to move with [his] career; she's so thoughtful and caring."

These two undeniably love each other with the same bold and unabashed approach to life as the colorful art behind them. They get married tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited to capture their day as they make their vows to each other!