Post 70 Menu and Website Food Photo Shoot

Post 70 Blog Post-11.jpg

I have a confession: food photography may be my favorite genre of the art. I mean, capturing important moments in people's lives is great and all, but why do that when you can take photos of food for one of your favorite Asheville restaurants and then get to eat all of the food?! This was probably one of my most enjoyable shoots in the past few months because all I had to do was sit back and wait for the chefs and bartender of Post 70 to work their magic and then capture their creations. It also helped that my at-the-time-fiance-now-husband tagged along to entertain me, hold my reflector, and of course (first and foremost) to eat the delicious food. 

Of them, the shrimp and pork belly was probably my favorite dish, but it's really too hard to chose. From start to finish we had water (ha!), a truffle sampler, fried calamari, deconstructed garlic bread with honey, a giant pork chop, shrimp and pork belly, and rosemary flatbread. Unfortunately, I don't remember specifically what the drinks were (and no, that's not because I drank them all!)

When in Asheville, this place is absolutely a must. Filo - a coffee and pastry shop by day - and Post 70 - an upscale restaurant and bar known for their craft cocktails at night - are my go-to places to eat in East Asheville and I'm very excited to see this new menu of photos up on their website.