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"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us." - Anonymous

Like most inspirational quotations, this sentiment was floating around Pinterest when I happened across it.  Regardless of its kitschy origins, I quite like this idea that rather than taking a vacation to escape "real life" (read: nonstop working), by traveling we are, in fact, enjoying real life to the fullest. I've been enamored with travel photography since I first picked up a camera and it is this idea of embarking on an adventure to experience and capture life that has always guided my process. 

This year I've been #blessed to travel to many different places, most notably my favorite city on Earth, Paris (France.) This trip was the first big one I've taken since becoming a professional photographer so it was truly an incredible experience getting to capture and absorb a life and a place different than what I'm used to with a camera to ably capture them. My dream is to travel all over the world experiencing all that it has to offer, experiencing the "real lives" of others, and freezing landscapes, architectural feats, city dwellers and travelers in a moment in time, creating a piece of history. 

Aside from the visceral experience of adventuring, my favorite part of travel photography is getting to enjoy those experiences and moments in time long after the trip is over. My apartment is covered with my favorite photos from each of my trips, not only serving as aesthetically pleasing decor, but allowing me to relive the stories that the images tell, be them of my own experiences or the subject(s) in the photos. 

As I don't want to just keep the stories of beautiful places and people to myself, so I have multiple travel galleries with images for sale as prints, digital downloads and more. Below are some of my favorite photos from Paris, available for sale now! I've also got local WNC landscapes and cityscapes from NYC, Boston, LA and more. 

For the next two weeks I'll be traveling in Iceland and Scotland; as you can imagine, I plan on taking hundreds of photos! All images will be on sale upon return, stay tuned for a first week sale once I've curated the online gallery!

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