Trading Jerseys for Dresses: A Graduation Photo Shoot

If you follow UNC Asheville athletics, you probably recognize this beautiful face from the court in Kimmel Arena, especially from Women's Basketball's double overtime win against Liberty University to win the Big South title. Now, for this shoot Paige traded her jersey for a dress and probably spent a little more time on her hair and makeup than she would pregame, but she was no less fierce in front of the camera than she would be guarding an opponent. 

Our shoot presented a few fun challenges: first, photographing in the sunniest part of the early afternoon so that I got to try out my new light modifier for the first time (exciting stuff for a photography nerd.) Second, capturing Paige's UNCA on-campus experience without crossing the line into cliche grad photo territory. And third, not stopping at every single pretty location; there sure are a lot on campus this time of year!

I had a blast photographing Paige in a new setting (since I've only ever captured her on the court), talking about the future and reliving our favorite moments of our college careers. Check back next week for our editorial-style basketball shoot!