Terri and Jodi || Botanical Gardens Engagement Session

As I get back to work after Thanksgiving dinner I feel compelled to start this blog post by thanking all of the wonderful people who have helped me make my dream of being a professional photographer a reality; from my parents and friends to all of the fabulous people who recognize the importance of photography for capturing life's special moments.

Tomorrow, I get to continue documenting both the important and the hidden moments as these two wonderful people get married! I've worked with Terri the past 4.5 years in the athletic department and gotten to know her well, so when she asked me to take their engagement and wedding photos last spring, I was ecstatic! We decided on the Botans as they were arrayed in splendid greenery, but this lighthearted couple had to kick the fun up a notch by bringing their own props. This shot of Terri and Jodi smiling happily at each other as they clink their glasses in the middle of the creek has to be one of my favorite engagement photos to date because it so vividly captures their personalities. 

After splashing around in the creek, we spent the rest of the shoot walking through the gardens (and avoiding the decidedly snippy annual flower market people), stopping sporadically when I found nice light to snap more happy photos. I'm fairly sure these two laughed the entire shoot and their merriment glows through all of their images. Tomorrow I get to document this loving couple making their vows to each other and I'm so excited to capture their happiness and love once again!